Gallery MORYTA | 鳥越一輝exhibition – TORIGOE X


In 2019, three jurors unequivocally awarded Kazuki Torigoe the Grand Prix at the Ei Exhibition organized by the Tagawa City Museum of Art, which was attended by just over 600 people. As this proves, he is an artist with the kind of talent the art world desires.
He exhibited at last year’s AFAF from three different galleries, although it was his first time at AFAF. Moreover, he sold out a total of 28 works, which was a big deal.
He has created a one-of-a-kind style that depicts in a single work the beauty of chance, with soft colors enveloping the entire picture plane, as if in harmony with the bold brushstrokes and flashes of paint.” (Ayumu Harada, curator, Tagawa Art Museum)
In recent years, he has attracted attention as an artist “inheriting the lineage of the Kyushu-Ha” in art magazines and other publications.


イベント名:鳥越一輝exhibition – TORIGOE X

開催場所:Gallery MORYTA


開催日:2022-4-3(日) ~ 2022-4-24(日)


お問い合わせ:092-716-1032 (プラスフクオカを見たとお伝え下さい)